Daily Tasks from Monday, 10-20-2014 till Wednesday, 10-22-2014

I didn’t notice that I really have to write daily blog entries regarding my learning activity. But that should be the sense behind a diary. I’m sorry for that. From this day on, I will write down my daily tasks.

I will quickly summarize the week from Monday till Wednesday.


Monday, 10-20-2014

I was on work on Monday and worked 10 hours to finish a feature that I had to develop. On this day, we had our regularly “retrospective” following the Scrum process. For the first time ever, I will formulate the learning goals for holding a retrospective which I never did so far. So my learning goals for this day where:

  • I’m able to express my positive and negative feedback regarding a (scrum) “sprint”.
  • I’m able to learn from the feedback of others and to formulate my suggestions to improve further “sprints”.

I’m pretty sure I fullfill this learning goals now. I got a deep impression about the importance of the retrospective meeting because one can really improve existing business processes and clarify things, that did not work well so far.


Tuesday, 10-21-2014

On Thursday, I was contributing to my Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) about the “Scala” programming language. Because it was my first week of participation to learn Scala so that I have a basic understanding within our practictal project, it was mostly about the fundamentals of functional programming languages. So my learning goals were:

  • I’m able to separate the three different programming paradigms: imperative, functional and logic.
  • I can understand how the trends “concurrency” and “paralellism” can be achieved by functional programming languages.
  • I’m able to differentiate “call-by-name” and “call-by-value” in functional programming languages and can describe the advantages and disadvantages.
  • I’m able to define the term “tail-recursion”.


Wednesday, 10-22-2014

On Wednesday, I first joined the algorithm lecture. My learning goals were:

  • I can  define metrics to measure and compare different algorithms to solve the same problems.
  • I can regognize the method behind the random creation of numbers in Visual C# and other programming languages.
  • I’m able to create diagrams to compare the processing time and number of steps of different Greatest Common Divisor algorithms.

Afterwards, I had a meeting on our practical project. Another learnings goal were:

  • I’m able to discuss and construct deployment pipelines.
  • I can improve development processes constantly.