Daily tasks from Monday, 10-27-2014 to Wednesday, 10-29-2014

I didn’t get myself to write down my daily tasks. I will try to do this constantly at the end of each day.

At least I can try to exercise the reviewing of several days.

Monday, 10-27-2014

  • Times
    • Online Course: 3 hours
    • Deployment Pipelines: 3 hours
  • Literature
    • https://devcenter.heroku.com/
    • http://docs.travis-ci.com/
    • a lot of blogs regarding Continous Integration and Delivery

On Monday, I was taking exercises related to my practical phase. Now, I’m able to

  • set up a deployment pipeline including Github, Travis CI and Heroku.
  • differentiate between Continous Integration and Continous Delivery.
  • explain how Continous Delivery can improve the deployment of software products.

I also learned a lot of new concepts in Scala. Now, I’m able

  • define the term of “High Order functions”.
  • define and use High Order functions in Scala.
  • recognize Scala language elements.


Tuesday, 10-28-2014

I was on work. I mostly learned to be able to

  • understand that unit-tests should be written well in order to support the developers.
  • figure out differences between marketing and business development strategies.


Wednesday, 10-29-2014

On Wednesday, we were working on our practical project.

I learned

  • how important a brainstorming with a lot of different people is to develop an idea for a software project.
  • how to write an asynchronous client in Node.JS which uses Restful interfaces.

Regarding algorithms, I’m now able to

  • explain different approaches on randomizer functions.
  • calculate the standard deviation using a performant software solution.

I also read a lot within Microsoft’s Visual C# documentation in order to solve certain software problems for the algorithms course.