Weekly Analysis – Week 45

Another week full of learning activities is over.


The very new topic for me was the evaluation of the learning reports of other students in my course. It was new for me, because I was never forced to grade someone before.

So I remembered myself on the strategies by Dale Carnegie. In his book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” he gave a lot of good rules regarding communication.  I think, well communicated feedback will be accepted by the addresses more easily. I think, grading and feedback are mostly done wrong  - especially when I think of my school time. Often, they’re communicated too negative so that they don’t motivate the student to improve him- or herself.

The feedback should contain mostly tips and advices and a hint, why it certain things should be improved. It shouldn’t only consist of: “This is wrong!” sentences. The learner invested some time into the exercise that should be graded. Therefore, the teacher should respect his investment and try to follow his thoughts. Even if they’re not understandable for the teacher, the learner might have had some thought that is difficult to express and not understood by the teacher.

I’m not sure if my feedbacks were succesful. I’m waiting for the feedback of our professor ;)

The contents of the students’ chosen e-learning units very pretty interesting and inspired me on the further choice of learning units. The most interesting textual learning unit’s contained different exercise forms. The learner had to complete or correct code or even write an complete algorithm. Feedback was given on submit. I think, this is a nice model because the learner is forced to apply the learned theory (-> application level of Bloom’s taxonomy). I think this is also a good method against tiredness of the learner.

The students also figured out the most important points that good textual learning units should have: a clear navigation, small subchapters, the usage of media should be cleary matchable to the text, stated learning goals and target groups and links to further information on certain topics.

Some of the reports showed me that I personally need to reflect myself even more intensive in the next learning reports and to think more outside my own limitations.


Goals for next week

Last week, I was talking about the better usage of my IPad within my learning processes. I used it for e-books, taking notes and I wanted to use the Moodle App in order to have a better interface. But our university doesn’t allow web-services so I can’t use the app.

For the next week, I would like to collect good literature and citations using my IPad. There are several apps for this purpose available.