Weekly Analysis – Week 49

This week I could get back to regular work and learning activitiy because I was not sick anymore.


I learned a lot on how to plan oral presentations this week. By the evaluations that I had to rate, I got a lot of good ideas on how to structure the report and how to make it interesting by being neutral and following an academical style. From the reports themselves I got a lot of good ideas on how to improve learning units and make them suitable for the learners.

I also continued my progress on developing JEE web applications – this time by really focussing on the web applications layer JSF. JSF offers a lot of capabilities that I wasn’t aware of so far. So I read through the JEE tutorial and learned about how to write custom JSF components. Those allow to reduce code duplication and write better maintainable view elements. I also learned how to adjust those components to be HTML 5-compatible. HTML 5 offers attributes that allow frontend validation without the need to write JavaScript – so you can reduce unnecessary requests, use backend logic to define the HTML validation attributes and therefore you can define the validation logic in one central place (the JEE backend).

 Goals for next week

Last week, I wanted to find a solution for how to find time for each module. I didn’t find any suitable solution for that. So I will set the same goal for next week. I also need to find more time for our project.