Weekly Analysis – Week 4

So, another interesting week is over.


Last week, we were told about story telling. In my daily tasks I reported on the association between didactics and story-telling. I recognized, that stories a a great medium to transport morals that remains in one’s long-term memory.

Stories make use of peoples’ imaginations and therefore allow learning by intense immersion. They will remain to be mankind’s strongest tool for delivering knowledge that will survive multiple generations. Compared to “rich” media, they allow the learner to develop his way of imagination to understand certain things. As we see, truth is relative and so stories appear to be less delivering a final product of truth.

Rich media such as videos, images and audio appeal to our emotions by direct interaction. So those media elements often allow to teach things in less time – but also intensive.

To sum it up, we shouldn’t focus on only one media type when we think of didactical methods. Again, we saw that “new media” is a relative term – stories as first medium of mankind are still existent, they are independent of further transporting technology and allow strong individual learning by making use of imagination.


I was reading “Java for the Impatient” this week and was making progress in our Scala project so I totally reached this goal.

Next week, I want to find a solution for a current problen in our “Web applications” project. Therefore I need to do further researches and make a final decision.