Weekly Analysis – Week 5


Last week was dominated by the field trip to Sofatutor, a great company with an exciting didactical concept!

Colin Schlüter and Lutz Vogelsang showed us around a start-up company, which first developed a platform for posting mentoring videos, which then developed towards a tutor video production platform including different departments such as marketing, editing, video production, IT and development etc. They hired teachers to mentor using chats and also introduced an individual face-to-face-mentoring session where you have to pay for.

So, many persons work on the contents. Here, the company established a high level of quality by focussing on the structure, even including the federal states’ specialities and integrating real teachers into the process.

Currently, Sofatutor is researching on how to improve the video-production process and also playing with new accessoires, such as frontal glass-boards – you can see the teacher writing on a board from the front, a very cool thing! Introducing a good process means reducing costs and being competitive – which is typical for start up evolutions.

We got also interesting technical insights in a company that combines each aspect of the “International Media and Computing” studies. To sum it up: the combination of traditional didactical methods and the current media capabilities was very interesting and showed me again that basic concepts such as writing on a board during teaching are going to survive our rapid changing development.


I reached the goal from last week to find a solution for the problem we had in Web Applications. This week, I want to make a concrete planning for the last two weeks within my semester to not loose the overview (final exams, examinations and projects).