Weekly Analysis – Week 44

One day later, I reflect my learning behavior of the previous week.


The last week, we learned about the Instruction Planning and the Instruction planning. These are required when you need to prepare learning units and want to be successful in this.

First, you should define the learning objects, so the persons, that are the real addressees of the units. In a second step, it’s important to define the prerequisites that those objects must and should have. Defining those can help the teacher to prepare short reviews of the required topics to warm up the audience for example. Also, you need to define the potential troublemakers – persons, that could interrupt the learning process by certain action.

The next step is the definition of learning goals and capabilities that the students should earn. I hope I’m getting better in the definition of learning goals. Each learning goal should be matched to an element of Bloom’s taxonomy. Capabilities can be understood as keys for the job.

Now you are ready to define the contents and use of media – the most important things of interest. Results indicating the learning success should be secured. Constant evaluation of the learning units should be performed in order to improve them.

I also learned a lot about two new concepts: functional and asynchronous programming. Both required me to change and reflect my current point of view on programming – the imparative programming.

I got a conscious on how to build deployment pipelines in order to make successful software projects.

Goals for next week

Next week, I want to use different technologies to improve my learning behavior. I will figure out how to use my IPad to support learning.